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Contact Donna for a private consultation and learn how to change your eating habits long term to improve your health. She will assess your diet and create an easy to follow plan for you.

This plan will include healthy recipes and your 7-day diet plan, giving you the nutrients you need, while fitting in with your own tastes and food preferences.

It will be customised to suit your family and your schedule. Real foods, easy to prepare.

If you want to lose weight, Donna’s 10 week weight loss plan Waist Away has a proven track record of steady weight loss and continued weight maintenance. It works because it is simple, easy to follow and involves eating real food! No shakes or pills here.

If you want help to manage conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, coeliac disease, stress, anxiety or digestive disorders get in touch for help and advice.

Eat well be well!

Donna offers a whole range of services in the area of nutrition.

Her main aim is to teach people about healthy food choices and how to improve their diets.

This will help her clients to optimise their health and prevent disease.

Nowadays there is nutritional advice coming at us from every angle. At Donna Mc Gettigan Nutrition, the advice given is always evidence based, using the most up to date scientific information.

Advice and information clients can trust.

Full member of The Nutrition Society


Nutrition workshop facilitator at Donegal Education and Training Board


Contributor to Highland Radio

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Guest Lecturer at LYIT


Consultations available at Orianna Health and Wellness Clinic, Killybegs


Member of Donegal Women in Business Network


Contributor to Image Magazine


100% recommend.
I needed something to focus me & get me eating better so I decided to give Donnas 10 week plan a go, I am so delighted I did.
Donna keeps it simple but real. I got a plan emailed weekly and each week is a new focus. Recipes are easy to follow and delicious. The whole plan is adaptable and slotted into my daily life.
I loved it & highly recommend Donna for any nutritional advice.
The weekly check-in from Donna is a great boost, it is friendly and personal.
The covid-lockdown happened during my 10 weeks and this plan definately kept me focused on my food.
The aim was to get better food habits in my home and by doing so i lost weight too, winner!!

S.W., May 2020 – Waist Away 10 Week Weight Loss Plan

I highly recommend Donna , I have just completed her 10 week plan and have lost 1 and a half stone.
By using the plan I learned to set out my daily and weekly meals, and never felt hungry, and it also gave me the energy and will power to exercise 3-4 times a week, I would still like to lose another stone and by continuing with Donna’s plan I should reach my ideal weight soon and continue to use it to maintain my weight after that. Thank you, Donna.

A.C., March 2020 – Waist Away 10 Week Weight Loss Plan