New Year New You

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10 Week Online Healthy Lifestyle Weight Loss Programme

***Beginning Monday 6th January 2020

Get on track to living a healthier life with this easy to follow 10 week guide:

  • Lose weight and improve fitness
  • Learn about nutrition
  • Enhance your relationship with food
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve your mood
  • Prolong your life

Become your happiest healthiest self!

The programme begins on Monday 6th January 2020 and will run from Monday to Sunday for 10 weeks. You will have to set aside a few hours over the weekend for shopping and meal preparation. The key to making this plan work for you is to be organised!

Each weekly email includes:

  • dietary advice
  • exercise advice
  • dieting tips
  • topic of the week
  • healthy recipes (60+)
  • detailed 7 day weight loss eating plan (1400kcal/day for women, 1900kcal/day for men)
  • meal prep
  • chart to fill in each day to chart your progress

Topics of the week include:


🍽Eating patterns

⏲What foods to eat and when

💃Weight loss

🍜Eating habits


🛌Sleep pattern

🍴Portion control

🏃‍♂️Physical activity

🍩Food cravings

🍬Breaking habits

🥅Setting goals


😊Food and mood

🤯Stress and anxiety

🛒Food shopping

📃Meal planning

👩‍🍳Meal preparation


New Year New You

10 Week Online Healthy Lifestyle & Weight Loss Programme