New Year New You

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12 Week Healthy Lifestyle Programme

Get on track to living a healthier life with this easy to follow 12 week guide:

  • Lose weight and improve fitness
  • Learn about nutrition
  • Enhance your relationship with food
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve your mood
  • Prolong your life

Become your happiest healthiest self!

Each Friday, for 12 weeks you will receive a pack by post or by email. It is designed to run from a Monday to a Sunday. You will have to set aside a few hours over the weekend for shopping and meal preparation. The key to making this plan work for you is to be organised!

Each pack includes:

  • dietary advice
  • exercise advice
  • dieting tips
  • topic of the week
  • healthy recipes (60 in total)
  • detailed 7 day weight loss eating plan (1400kcal/day for women, 1900kcal/day for men)
  • meal prep
  • chart to fill in each day to chart your progress

Topics of the week include:


🍽Eating patterns

⏲What foods to eat and when

💃Weight loss

🍜Eating habits


🛌Sleep pattern

🍴Portion control

🏃‍♂️Physical activity

🍩Food cravings

🍬Breaking habits

🥅Setting goals


😊Food and mood

🤯Stress and anxiety

🛒Food shopping

📃Meal planning

👩‍🍳Meal preparation



New Year New You – By Post

12 Week Healthy Lifestyle Programme




New Year New You – By Email

12 Week Healthy Lifestyle Programme