Healthy Eating: Tip 2 – Portion Size

🍏 Portion size is the amount of a food or drink you choose to consume at one meal.

πŸ‰ Portion distortion is the term used to describe the (almost unnoticed) growth in portion size over time.

🍩 For example, take a plain bagel:

πŸ’– A study by The British Heart Foundation (2013) found that the majority of portion sizes had increased substantially over the preceding 20 years.

πŸ₯˜ An average individual shepherd’s pie or chicken curry ready meal had doubled in size!

πŸ‘Ά Young children tend to eat what their body needs, but as we get older we tend to eat what is presented to us as a portion.

πŸ₯£ Plates and bowls are bigger, ready meals are bigger, restaurant portions are bigger.

🍟 Just one super-sized fast food meal may contain more calories than you need in a whole day!

When trying to eat a healthy balanced diet we are told to follow dietary guidelines.

Guidelines tell us to eat a certain number of portions of a food each day.

But if we don’t know what a portion is they are useless!!!

Because our perception of portion size has become so distorted:

 βž‘  We all need to first learn what a portion size is.

    ➑ Then we can follow guidelines and make use of the food pyramid.

       βž‘  And then we can re-learn what it is to eat in healthy amounts.

Check out for some great portion size guides:

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