Healthy Eating: Tip 3 – Healthy Essentials


Having a well-stocked pantry and freezer means you have all the basics for healthy cooking at your fingertips.

It will save you time and money and help to improve your family’s health.

If you make the healthy option the easy option, you are more likely to choose it!

Cupboard Staples Cereals & Grains Meat & Dairy
Extra virgin olive oil Porridge oats Eggs
Wholemeal flour W/grain bread Sliced chicken / turkey
Plain flour Rice or corn cakes Chicken / turkey fillets
Low salt W/grain rice Tin salmon & tuna
Black pepper W/grain pasta Salmon fillets
Tomato puree W/grain bread rolls Mackerel fillets
Reduced salt soy sauce W/grain pitta breads Whole chicken
Sweet chilli sauce Ryvita Lean lamb / beef / pork
Worcestershire sauce W/grain paninis Olive oil spread – low fat
Bouillon stock cubes: Oatibix Yoghurt full & low fat
beef, chicken, vegetable Special K Natural Greek yoghurt
Lemon juice All bran Soya milk & yoghurt
Curry powder Skimmed milk
Chilli powder Nuts & Seeds
Cumin Peanut butter Freezer
Coriander Tahini Mixed vegetables
Mixed herbs Mixed nuts and seeds Stir fry vegetables
Basil Flaxseeds Quorn mince
Oregano Popcorn Quorn chicken pieces
Thyme Cereal bars Frozen fruit pieces
Cornflour Walnuts
Tin chopped tomatoes Almonds Drinks
Passata Pistachios Orange juice NFC
Kidney beans Apple juice NFC
Mixed beans Fruit Cranberry juice NFC
Chickpeas 10 varieties Tea
Lentils At least! Green tea
Dried fruits Chamomile tea
Vegetables Decaffeinated tea
10 varieties Coffee
At least! Bottles water
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