🎄Surviving Party Season🥂

Christmas party season is here!

xmas party

It’s a great sociable time of year, but if you are trying to follow a healthy lifestyle it can be challenging!

It can be the best time of year to enjoy ourselves and to indulge a little, but nobody wants to start the new year feeling like crap.

A few treats are great, but it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of pigging out for a week, and while this might feel good in the moment, it does not feel so good in the long term.

Here are a few tips to help you stay on track:

Christmas Nights Out Tips:

  1. Have a good lunch to prevent snacking after a few drinks
  2. Drink at least 1.5L water during that day
  3. If there is a buffet don’t graze, eat then put down the plate
  4. Dance your socks off = burn calories + eat and drink less
  5. Try milk thistle to help your liver process any alcohol

xmas dancing

Eating Out Tips:

  1. Choose a starter or dessert, not both
  2. Fill up on vegetables at the main course
  3. For dessert choose something fruit based.
  4. Share high calorie desserts with a friend or a partner
  5. Have fun! Bear these tips in mind but don’t obsess over calorie content. One night won’t make a big difference in the long term.


  • Alcohol can be very high in calories which is worth bearing in mind during party season. Alcohol has 7 kcal per gram which is almost as much as a gram of fat.
  • Extra calories might then be added with mixers.
  • People often have more unhealthy snacks like crisps and nuts when they are drinking, not to mention the takeaway on the way home!

Daily recommended units (standard drinks):

Men 3-4/day Women 2-3/day

drinkaware 1

  1. Try alternating water or a sugar free soft drink with your alcoholic drinks
  2. Choose a drink with a lower % alcohol
  3. Avoid drinking in rounds so you can set your own pace
  4. Don’t drink on an empty stomach
  5. Wait until after you have eaten to start drinking

Be aware that some drinks have a lot more calories than others:


Calorie equivalents in drinks:

Drink Calories Equivalent
1 pint 5% Beer 170 kcal Packet of crisps
175ml 12% Wine 126 kcal A Cadburys Heroes Bar
1 glass of Baileys 118 kcal A Milky Way Bar
330ml Bottle Alcopop 237 kcal 3 Chocolate Teacakes

Healthy Drink Swaps:

Swap For Save
Pina Colada Mojito 326 kcal
Pint of Lager Pint of Lager Shandy 100 kcal
Double Rum & Coke Single Vodka, Soda, Lime 107 kcal
Large White Wine White Wine Spritzer 35 kcal

Check out drinkaware.ie for more information and have a happy and healthy Christmas 🎅

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