Detox Diets

detox no

13.5 million #detox posts on Instagram  😭😭😭

There really is no need in the world for anyone to do a detox diet.

Putting “detox” on a product makes people buy it. It’s a marketing scam and it’s a million-euro industry.

Our liver, kidneys, skin and lungs are how we “detox”. They get rid of the waste or “toxins” in our bodies.

If our bodies could not detox without these products, we would be dead!

At this time of year people can be sucked in because they feel guilty for pigging out at Christmas. We should not allow the industry to take away our enjoyment, to make us feel guilty instead of happy about a big night out or a family dinner.

All we really need to do is get back on track to eating healthily, whatever that means for each of us.

Limiting certain foods (or lots of foods!) might just lead you to lose weight. But you will also lose a lot of calories and nutrients. You will lack energy. Your skin will suffer. You might even feel depressed. Some products contain laxatives so you feel like you are getting rid of bad things, but you are not.

🤢 These types of diet are not healthy or sustainable long term. Some are actually dangerous.

🤦‍♀️ And when you go back to eating like a human being you will regain the weight anyway!

🚫💩 Do not be taken advantage of by these detox diets and products

🍏Eat normal healthy foods in the right amounts. Drink water. Move. ✅

📃Make a plan. Take one step at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself and you are more likely to make long lasting changes.✅

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