No Extra Benefit From Gluten Free Food


Gluten free foods, especially snack foods 🍪🍩🍰🎂 are thought of by some people as being lower in fat or sugar content or ‘healthier’.

Safefood found in a recent study that more than 90% of people buying gluten-free products have no medical reason to avoid gluten.

They found “a misperception of the health benefits of gluten free products”.

“Many gluten-free food products are promoted by media personalities and sports stars as part of a trend for “clean labels”, including “free-from” food products.”

But the truth is that there is NO nutritional benefit to gluten free food products other than for those people who are coeliac or sensitive to gluten.

It is great to see so many gluten free options on the market nowadays, it gives great choice to people who have to avoid gluten for their health.

However, for everyone else who does not have a medical reason to avoid gluten but are doing so, I would ask you why? There is absolutely no health benefit. And in truth, when gluten is removed often many other things are added to give the characteristics of gluten.

So give it some thought. Don’t be fooled into thinking no gluten means healthier. Don’t be convinced to pay a higher price for what may well be a lower quality product.

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