Sports Nutrition

Diet significantly affects sports performance.

The right balance of nutrients can enhance performance and recovery as well as help prevent injury. The nutritional demands of an athlete vary depending on the particular sport, the point of the season and the individual’s requirements.

Whether you are an amateur sports person or a professional, the right nutrition can benefit you. It will help you to perform at your peak and give you the edge over your competition.

One To One Sports Consultation:

  • Dietary assessment
  • Body composition analysis
  • Individual nutrient requirements
  • Setting nutrition and hydration goals
  • Specific meal plans: field training day, strength day, rest day, etc.
  • Training and recovery nutrition

Team And Group Services:

  • Group education talks with players, management and coaching staff
  • Development of club / team policy to enhance performance through nutrition
  • Aid in the creation of a club wide healthy eating approach

Donna has worked with a range of sports groups and individuals from under 8 to Senior level in the GAA along with gym groups, marathon runners, cyclists, yogis, dancers and couch to 5Kers.

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