I did Donna’s 10 week plan before Christmas,it was such an easy plan to follow with brilliant results,I lost 11 lbs over the 10 weeks,Donna was so helpful and really quick response to all my questions,I would highly recommend it👍

Eileen Gallagher, 8th January 2019

I did Donna’ s 10 week plan before Christmas. It was fantastic. It was very easy to follow the step by step instructions which she delivered to you ever Friday for the following week. Also Donna was very quick to respond to any queries you had. My goal was to loose 1lb a week which I achieved 🙂 . Would highly recommend Donna Mc Gettigan Nutrition

Rosaleen Doherty, 30th December 2018

Donna helped me so much with my first pregnancy. I was at risk of gestational diabetes and Donna done up a nutritional plan for me of the best foods to eat and what to avoid. Could not recommend Donna enough. She is truly fantastic at what she does.

Lisa Quinn, 9th October 2018

I went to Donna when I started having problems with my gallbladder she went through my diet & what food I should & shouldn’t be eating before I had my surgery. When I had my surgery I went back to Donna for advice on what to eat without a gallbladder. Donna did out a nutritional plan for me and I’ve had no problems post surgery thanks to her advice. I would 100% recommend. Thanks again!
Elisha Doherty 21st September 2018