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4 Week Whole Food Programme • Un-Process Your Diet

There is a lot of different nutritional advice out there, but one thing most experts agree on is the health benefits of a whole foods diet.

The basic principle is to eat foods as close to their natural state as possible. This means cutting back on heavily processed food products and choosing whole foods instead – for example a roast chicken rather than frozen chicken nuggets. 

When food is heavily processed, the nutrients are stripped away. The less processing that is involved, the more nutrients remain – and the healthier the food is for us. 

As well as stripping out the naturally present nutrients, chemicals are added throughout food processing like artificial colours, sweeteners and preservatives. These are tested before being added to foods but the truth is nobody can say for sure the true effects over a long period of time because they just haven’t been around all that long – unlike whole foods.

Processed foods are high in added sugars, salt and unhealthy fats – contributing to overweight and many other health problems.

This easy to follow 4 week programme will teach you the benefits of eating real foods. You will learn how and why this is a change worth making for you and your family.

Each Friday for 4 weeks you will receive a pack by email containing:

  • information on processed foods
  • healthy alternatives for your family
  • 7 day family meal plan
  • healthful whole food recipes

This programme is all about going back to basics.

4 Week Whole Food Programme


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